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Whether you're an experienced professional or just embarking on your career, consider a career with Atul Jindal & Associates. Throughout your career, you will be challenged by the work and by the people of your team as well as by the clients we serve. You will be constantly learning and your ideas will be welcomed in a healthy and a competitive atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork.

Chartered Accountancy as a profession is attracting a lot of young and witnessing a rapid growth, thanks to the growing corporate sector. Chartered Accountants usually occupy high and respectable posts in a our organisation. They are the ones responsible for handling accounts and finance related matters, deal with money management, prepare, analyse and audit accounts along with providing financial advice.

We place you in our organisation in the following fields:-





Sometimes Chartered Accountants specialize in tax management. Their job is to legally ensure minimum incidence of tax. In doing so they have to cope with taxation laws and policies on national as well as international scale depending on the kind of company they work for. Tax management relates not only to direct taxes e.g. income tax but to indirect taxes like sales tax, excise tax, agricultural income tax etc.


The changing scenario in the business world has opened promising and challenging career opportunities for the aspiring young. Consulting services is one such opportunity which has drawn a lot of attention these days. Chartered Accountants often indulge in providing these services in the fields related to finance and accounts. They can efficiently provide services in areas like corporate law advice, project planning and finance, investigations relating to share valuation for takeovers, amalgamation, business advice, secretarial work etc.

Your success is our success, so we offer you the opportunities to achieve your best. Be part of an organization where you get what you deserve. Work with our highly qualified team to tackle new challenges every day. Take your career to where you want it to go.

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